The over 70 welding stations, the two CNC robots and the numerically controlled SPOT WELDING machine allow CIM srl to work according to the highest safety and quality standards.

CIM has two types of welding robots:

  • The first is a portal machine and can guarantee a maximum working length of 20 meters;
  • The other is a multi-node robot ¬†with two-station, each of 3 meters.

To avoid contamination between the materials, CIM srl has two distinct areas for welding: one for the processing of light alloys, the other for the welding of steels and stainless steel.

All the welding department operators are qualified and they have the certificates that enable them to work according to all the standards in force.

Moreover, CIM srl can guarantee the quality of its welding through its IWI (International Welding Inspector) and IWT (International Welding Technologist) internal with the aid of its CQI (Internal Quality Control) qualified for visual checks and penetrating liquids (PT) in accordance with the main European standards and AWS regulations.

For a greater guarantee of our customers, CIM srl prefers that other non-destructive welding checks are carried out by a qualified external company.