The Company

Costruzioni Industriali Metalmeccaniche s.r.l.

Born in 2013 from the strength of the Del Sorbo family, the over thirty years experience in the sector and the know-how acquired have allowed CIM s.r.l. to work for the most important railway construction companies.

On its surface, 9000 square meters covered and 15000 square meters uncovered, the CIM s.r.l. offers to its customers a complete production cycle, starting from the cutting of the raw material up to the application of surface treatments.

Moreover, among the many processes offered, the company plans and designs all the equipment it uses, ensuring maximum collaboration with the customer.

Its productions cover all the light and heavy metallic carpentry of the railway sector.

Indeed, CIM s.r.l. produces sidewalls, railway bogies, frames and cabs, as well as interiors in full compliance with all the quality standards required by its customers.

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Technical office

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