Sheet Metal Cutting

Sheet Metal Cutting

CIM srl make available an important machine division for cutting material.

In fact, it uses laser-cutting technology through three machines, with a maximum power of 4000 W, equipped with laser optics and CNC (numerical computer control).

The Laser Cutting systems dedicated to steel and stainless steel are able to work materials in sheets with a maximum thickness of 25mm for steel and 15mm for stainless steel for a maximum cutting surface of 4000x1500mm.

An additional system is totally dedicated to cutting light alloy and can work on a maximum surface of 3000x1500mm and it is able to cut sheets up to a thickness of 8mm.

The CIM srl also has a new working center for water jet cutting (Water-Jet) that can operate on a maximum surface of 6000 × 2000 and it is able to cut steel up to 300mm thick.

Hydraulic shears, plasma cutting machines and saws complete the department that CIM dedicates to cutting the raw material, managing to meet all the demands of its customers.