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Security in CIM

“Safety comes first !!!”

In the past few weeks, this is the motto that CIM’s board management continually repeats.

For this, the company has decided to apply more restrictive safety rules than those required by government directives.

In fact, in addition to the normal preventive actions, the CIM informed all employees about the application of an internal security protocol which, among the many actions undertaken, also provides for the periodic control of any contagions.

Each worker, in this particular period, is subjected to a rapid test performed by specialized personnel, which reveals the presence or absence of the disease in a few minutes.

In addition, CIM has set up daily body temperature checks for all employees and anyone who joins the company; has installed several disinfectant gel dispensers and has affixed, at the entrances and in various points of the production departments, posters showing all the basic rules to follow.

Really important actions that aim to safeguard the health of all employees and which have also been highlighted in national and local newspapers.