10 May 2018 | news | , , ,

Interview to “Report”

CIM srl, in addition to working hard to constantly improve its production, is also committed to the problems of the industrial area in which it is present.

The last demonstration is given by the interview of the plant manager, Mr. Del Sorbo Leopoldo, on the TV show “Report”, broadcast on the national RAITRE network on 07/05/2018.

Along with other managers have been reported some of the disservices with which the CIM srl, and other production companies, is forced to live together.

The interview with Mr. In fact, Del Sorbo pointed to some changes in electrical voltage which, in addition to slowing down all production lines, could cause damage of a different economic value to the machinery.

During the broadcast we also discussed other shortcomings and expenses that have emerged over the years.

Clicking here you can connect to the official website of the TV show “Report” where you can see the entire episode aired.