Quality Certification

Our company manufactures well-made products respecting the most important standards.

These standards concern the certification and quality requirements related to the construction of welded groups and welding repairs in the company.

The ISO 9001 standard defines the requirements of a quality management system and an efficient business organization.

The requirements expressed are of a general nature can be implemented by any type of organization.

The haelth and safety managenemt system is certified according to ISO 45001-2018.

IRIS, instead, is a private standard developed by UNIFE (Union of the European Railway Industries) which guarantees, by issuing the certificate, that the company processes have a very high-quality standard.

The IRIS certification, recognized by the most important manufacturers in the sector, is a reliable proof that the products of a company meet the strictest standards of excellence of the railway industry.

Therefore, you can be sure of the awareness that our company is safe and efficient, and any project assigned to us will be carried out to perfection.

Welding Certification

The EN 15085 standard describes the technique of execution of destructive and non-destructive tests and indicates the documentation to be submitted for the issue of the declaration of conformity of the product.

The EN 15085 standard incorporates the requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 3834. Welding is widely used in the construction of railway vehicles and their components.

The related requirements are indicated in the EN ISO 3834 standards which establish the basic rules on welding techniques specific to rolling stock.

For the certification of welding companies there are four types of classes from the highest CL 1 to decrease up to CL 4.

C.I.M. is certified to carry out welding activities in class CL1 according to EN 15085-2 and according to ISO 3834-2.

Its welders are certified for steel, aluminum and stainless steel according to the main European standards and for the welding procedures in AWS D1.1.

These standards, in particular, establish the characteristics of the welding ribbons to be respected in the factory, together with the tests required to verify the actual achievement of the prescribed quality level.

Therefore, everyone can be sure of the awareness that our structure is safe and efficient, and any project assigned to us will be carried out to perfection.