CIM work, also, in the field of the automotive industry.

In our case it is a matter of make manufacturing products especially for the Bus, Industrial Vehicles and Military Vehicles sectors.

Among the acquired works we boast numerous projects for the most famous international automotive company.

We are also able to supply brackets, hubs, reinforcements, bushings and various small parts, made in the most varied molding materials.

Automotive is the most demanding manufacturing sector in terms of quality, punctuality and ability to manage the production process.

CIM is specialized in the production of tanks, potholes, ventilation grilles and protections into stones, calenders, various profiles and much more.

Our production also includes Quarry ‘s vehicles and Rescue Vehicles.

CIM operates to internationally level as a provider of high-tech solutions and systems products.

CIM through a process of continuous innovation, know-how and transversal skills aims to combine quality and competitive offer, technology and flexibility in the creation of products of excellence for the automotive world.

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