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C.I.M. s.r.l.

Our company works all over the world at the service of the most important companies in the railway sector. We operate and offer to all our customers competence and professionality. Here you can see the map of the locations of our projects from Honolulu to Miami, from Washington to Thessaloniki, up to guarantee the possibility to send our products all over the world.

The company

CIM is a dynamic company born from the wish and business management of the Del Sorbo family. Through the know-how acquired in over thirty years of experience, CIM is specialized in the supply of products with high quality standards, intended for demanding customers. CIM operates all over the world both in the railway transport sector and in the urban public transport sector in general (buses, metro, tram, trolleybus …) for the construction of components. CIM is proud to contribute in a concrete and substantial way to the development of new solutions provided by our customers, taking extreme care of the details.

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In every project that follows, CIM employees place the utmost care and dedication. They love to work in Team and each of them gives the maximum effort in every single project. From every single department all our competences branch out for the elaboration and realization of all our products.
Through its web page full of info and images, you can realize the competence that CIM employees invest in their role.

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